Villa Martinozza di Sotto

2 Holiday Homes, 06060 Lisciano Niccone, Pian di Marte 34, Perugia, Italy ( Un pezzo di Paradiso ) 

Holiday with dog(s)

Fenced free run on 10,000 sqm.  

At 06060 Lisciano Niccone, Via Pian di Marte 34, Perugia, Umbria

15 minutes to Lake Trasimeno

Fourth largest lake in Italy with 128 km²

Hiking possibilities from the house. Cycling tours around the lake. Boat trip to the islands.

Wineries nearby. 


Dogs welcome

Large site approx. 10,000 sqm² and completely fenced, fence height 1.70 m.

I love dogs, so more than one dog is welcome, it is very important to me that everyone feels comfortable and has fun.

Dogs are always welcome free of charge. There are bag dispensers for dog excrement on the grounds.

Vacation homes with history

The original building dates from around 1860 and was a typical farmhouse (below animals above living).

Was acquired in 2003 and painstakingly renovated and rebuilt.

In the "History" section, the reconstruction is presented in pictures.

The cottages

Here I present the most important information about both houses.
From 2023, I will be on site myself and will take care of everything.
You would like to go on a day trip or have a nice dinner without leaving your pet(s) alone, no problem, I can organise a dog sitting service for you.

 Casa Maria - Villa Martinozza di Sotto (for 4 persons)

1.155 € per week

111 m² - 2 double beds - extra beds possible - 2 bathrooms

Maximum occupancy 4 persons, an extra bed for an additional child is possible and costs nothing extra. The flats are on separate floors and each has its own terrace, as well as shower and WC. The modern kitchen is for common use. The house is not rented separately. Perfect for couples travelling together or parents with children. The privacy is absolutely given.

Family friendly, pet-friendly, non-smoking house, air conditioning.
Dog pool 5 x 8 metres.
Outdoor grill, direct access from the kitchen to the terrace.

Sun loungers and umbrellas at the pool 6 x 12 m, carport, 10.000 sqm plot fenced, terrace (covered), barbecue possibility, garden and pool for shared use, garden loungers, garden furniture.

On request we can organise a shuttle service to and from Florence or Perugia airport.

Casa Henry - Villa Martinozza di Sotto (for 2 persons)

695 € per week

42 m² - 1 double bed - Kitchen/dining and living area -
1 bathroom with shower, WC/bidet, washing machine, air conditioning.

Maximum occupancy 2 persons.
Towels, bed linen, bath towels,
Final cleaning included in the price, dogs are free.

Family friendly, pet friendly, non-smoking house,
Dog pool 5 x 8 metres
Outdoor barbecue, terrace, parking directly in front of the house.

Sun loungers and umbrellas at the pool 6 x 12 m, carport, 10.000 sqm plot fenced, terrace (covered), barbecue possibility, garden and pool for shared use, garden loungers, garden furniture.

On request we can organise a shuttle service to and from Florence or Perugia airport.

Video Casa Maria

Video Casa Henry

The estate

The property is approximately 10,000 m², has its own well and three ponds. The dog pond is finished and equipped with a filter system. The size is approx. 8 x 5 meters.
It has 35 olive trees, palm trees and other various plants and trees.

No direct neighbors.
In the middle of nature and still not far away from the "shot".
There is a natural lake nearby (10 minutes walk) about 100 meters x 100 meters in size.

Perfect for dogs to bathe and swim, however fishing is prohibited.
The property is fully fenced with a fence height of 1.70m, perfect for children and animals.

The outdoor pool

The large swimming pool for both houses is 6 x 12 meters with outdoor shower and garden pavilion (gazebo) 4 x 3 meters with retractable roof.

Our "POOLY", our daily cleaning robot, is responsible for cleanliness.

Sun loungers, parasols, bath towels, sunbathing area and enough space for people and animals are of course also a must.

There is no lifeguard service, bathing with children is your own responsibility.

Video Martinozza Estate

Video sightseeing flight over Villa Martinozza di Sotto

Our guestbook

Be inspired by the opinions and experiences of our guests.


In-house meal service and live cooking

Book your own chef

On request, we can provide you with a real Italian chef for theight and organise a menu of 3 courses or more. With local specialities.

Activities in the area

Would you like to know what can be experienced in the area?
Here are some links!

The best travel time and annual temperatures in Umbria can be found here.

Truffle dogs

We train our dogs here with us to find truffles.
Details will follow at the end of the year. 

The truffle search training

The result of the "hunt"

Bathing facilities for dogs

dog pool

The dog pond is finished, it is approx. 8 x 5 meters in size and has a water depth of approx. 40 - 45 cm.
The pool has its own filter system for always clean water, the pool is cleaned automatically mainly at night.
Access is slightly inclined and non-slip. Lots of fun for the dogs.

Natural lake for dogs

In 10 minutes walking time you can reach a natural lake of approx. 100 x 100 metres. Perfect for bathing and swimming for the fur noses, but fishing is prohibited.

history of the property

Reconstruction of Villa Martinozza di sotto

The original building dates from around 1860 and was a typical farmhouse (below animals above living)
The property was acquired by the Sterner family in 2003 and completely rebuilt or restored with great attention to detail. The two houses are completely separate.

To get an idea of the transformation, here are a few pictures.

Interesting facts about dogs


General provisions for entry with dogs

When entering Italy with dogs, the uniformly formulated EU regulations apply:

  • You must have a valid EU pet passport with you.
  • Your dog must be microchipped (or tattooed prior to July 3, 2011 and clearly legible).
  • Your dog must be at least 12 weeks old at the time of the initial rabies vaccination and the vaccination must be administered by an authorized veterinarian. The vaccination is valid until the end of the protection period specified by the manufacturer (usually 1 year). This also applies in the case of repeat vaccinations. A booster vaccination is considered a primary vaccination if it is not given within the validity period. In addition, the dog must already be clearly identified by means of a microchip when it is first vaccinated.
  • In the case of a first vaccination, your entry into Italy may only take place no earlier than 21 days after completion of the vaccination protocol recommended by the manufacturer for the first vaccination.
  • In southern Europe, some diseases are widespread that could be very dangerous for your dog, such as: B. Leishmaniasis. Talk to your veterinarian before you leave to protect your dog accordingly with vaccinations or tick protection.


About me

The Martinozza in Umbria, Italy

a name is Thomas, a native of Germany, near Stuttgart.
With the Villa Martinozza I have fulfilled a lifelong dream.

After my professional activity I will move to Bella Italia together with my dogs.

From 2023 I will live on the property myself and take care of everything. There are still 2 beautiful guest rooms in the house for friends and guests.
Villa Martinozza offers many possibilities and is big enough to rent to guests.

Animal welfare is a big concern for me, I have already contacted animal welfare organizations. There is enough space.

We try to be as self-sufficient as possible, we have our own well, a large solar system is planned and we are planning our own garden with vegetables. 35 olive trees also belong to the property. Last but not least we will have our own chickens for fresh eggs every day. Maybe I've made you a little curious now.

Dear guests, we always try our best for humans and animals to make you feel comfortable.

I would be happy to welcome you at the Martinozza.

Thomas Diopan

On-site support

On-site supervision will be provided by Toni and myself (Thomas).
It can be spoken in 3 languages, Italian, English and German.

Since 15 January 2023, I have been on site myself, together with Toni, who also moved to Martinozza from Germany.

If you want you can enjoy the Italian cuisine to the full.

Talk to us and enjoy an Italian evening with Italian delicacies on the terrace.

Contribution to animal welfare

In our villa we sell various items with our logo and pictures of the villa for a good cause. The special thing about it: 100% of the proceeds go to animal shelters right here on site.

The items can only be purchased on site.

In addition to a financial donation, it is of course also important to get the dogs out of the home yourself, and I am also very active in this area. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me during your next visit.

Our contribution

We will support an Italian animal shelter in the future, now I am on site and have created an overview.
Together with Susanne Kaier (a German vet who works at the veterinary hospital in Arezzo), I looked for and found a shelter nearby.
The shelter is called Canile di Ossaia (Google Maps) and is in Camucia near Cortona.
The director, Stefania, is a very enterprising, hard-working and caring person who goes the extra mile.

We will not be making monetary donations, but will focus on in-kind donations.
For example, food is bought, veterinary bills are paid for or important purchases are paid for directly by us, so that we are quite sure that the money also reaches where it is needed, namely directly with the animals.
Our articles, which are here at Martinozza, can be bought by the guests. 100 % of the proceeds go to the animals at the shelter.

Of course we are happy to accept donations for the shelter if you would like to help, you are also welcome to make a donation and I will then use the donation wisely so that the animals benefit from it.
I will of course always keep you informed about how the donations were used. 

Here are the bank details: Gabler- Saliter- Bank Kempten
Thomas Diopan
IBAN : DE41 7333 1700 0110 0001 94

If you donate please use the following subject:
so I can put it in order.


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